Captain Bouncer Smith

Considered to be a legend in the Sword fishing world, Capt Bouncer Smith is considered a guru of South Florida sail fishing. Spanning a career of almost 50 years, Captain Bouncer Smith began his career working on head boats leading into bluewater boats by the time 1968 rolled around. Never being shy about his passion and knowledge of marine conversation, it is clear by speaking with Smith that not only does he have strong knowledge, but the experience he holds id undeniable.

Smith, 63 has been fishing off the waters of Miami since he was boy and is proud to say that he ‘has never had to get up in the morning to go to work – he’s always gone fishing.’ His fishing life began at a very young age and he remembers as a young boy how much he loved fishing and how much more he wanted to learn. His career spanning almost 50 years, Smith has been spends his days as a charter boat captain taking others out on his 33 foot boat to experience the waters of Miami.

‘The Ocean is magical.’ quips Smith who remembers when a trip to the beach meant crossing an old swing bridge, stopping to park in the sand an walking towards sea oats to reach the Atlantic Ocean. Many things have changed over the years since then as now the swing bridge is replaced by a drawbridge and the lake is now covered with box stores and unfortunately the beach he speaks of is now a hotel. However, to Dusky this part of the ocean is still magic to him. The swordfish to which he has become famous for catching are still abundant. The high demand of swordfish fishing, rather the new popularity of swordfish fishing delights Captain Smith who says this results from the awareness of people, having knowledge of the limits of natural resources in the area – a cause he is passionate about.

Captain Bouncer Smith is also active in the International Game Fish Association and conducts lectures to students educating them on conversation and how important it is for the future of fishing. He clearly states the importance of staying away from the ‘catch and release’ mentality. ‘Fishing is in the experience: hooking the fish yourself, reeling it in slowly, feeling the soft and satiny fin once you’ve landed your catch.’

Check out Captain Bouncer Smith’s Dusky 33:


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