Cayman Island Fishing Tournaments

Barcadere Classic:

The Barcadere Classic wahoo fishing tournament competed with all the excitement people have come to expect for the Cayman fishing series The competition even attracted American fishing legend Capt. Jimmy Nelson who brought an international interest to this event.

Whoever said women were bad luck when fishing was clearly wrong. The prestigious Wahoo win went to Denise Begg-Smith with a massive 56.5lbs fish caught on the Seabird, which was captained by none other than her brother Jason Begg-Smith, the Caribbean Swordfish record holder. Carolyn Paffenroth on the C Money took the win in the Tuna category at 58.9lbs, and she went on to have the most Marlin releases. The only male winner was Josh Ebanks on Knotty Buoy bringing in a 46.8-pound dolphin.

Event after event, the boats with the same teams top the podium in Cayman; just goes to show fishing skills are hard to overcome with luck.

Cayman Sword Fish Challange – April 11, 2014

Once you have learned all you need to know about Swordfish Fishing, you will eventually want to compete at one of the most well-renowned fishing tournaments in the world. The Cayman Islands has become a popular spot for swordfish fishing and here are the most famous annual events that take place:

The 16th Annual Cayman Islands International Fishing Tournament:

This popular tournament is being held on May 29 -June 1, 2014. Located in Georgetown, Cayman Islands there is an application to fill out and it must be approved officially before competitors can be officially registered. Be prepared to pay an entry fee, but there are great prizes to be won!

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The 6th Annual Barcardere Classic Tournament

Another classic Cayman Island fishing tournament is being held in March 1-2, 2014. A popular tournament with the locals, this fishing tournament supports all of the angling events on Cayman Island and hosts many other tournaments throughout the year. This is a fun event for the whole family to enjoy which includes many different activities aside from the exciting competition. The registration fee is $300 which can involve up to 4 anglers.

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Cayman Brac Jackpot Tournament

The third most popular fishing tournament held in the Cayman Islands is the Cayman Brac Jackpot Tournament. This year it is being held on May 16th through to May 18th 2014. This is a large competition and involves up to $10,000 in prizes. Registration for this event takes place on May 16th at the Captain’s Table in Cayman Brac and at the George Town Yacht Club in Grand Cayman.

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