What is Cayman Island Sword Fishing?


Fishing is a sport that means many different things to many different people. Some people fish for sport while others enjoy the calming, therapeutic effects fishing can bring. Sword fishing most specifically is a specialty fishing skill and sport that is constantly evolving. The skill of swordfish fishing has changed drastically over the years and is still constantly evolving.

It doesn’t matter if you prefer fishing during the day or during nighttime as swordfish fishing can be successful during both times of the day. Most specifically, daytime swordfish fishing is enjoyed in roughly 1500 to 2000 feet of water to become successful. Swordfish are typically situated near the bottom of the ocean which can make it very challenging for swordfish enthusiasts to successfully catch. Tools used to fish for swordfish vary, however 12-18 pounds of bricks to carry the dead bait are necessary to bring the bait down to the very bottom of the ocean floor. It is important to note that using an electric reel is necessary to successfully catch swordfish in the Cayman Islands. The benefit to swordfish fishing during the daytime is the fact that you have a better chance of catching a bigger and heftier fish. Averaging at about 150 pounds, the daytime fish you catch can be much more rewarding once you have the proper tools necessary and have the method down pat. In Florida for instance, it is not uncommon for one to catch swordfish weighing over 400 pounds between the months of August to November.

If however you are more interested in night swordfish fishing, this can also be rewarding but extremely challenging. If you don’t know this already, swordfish are extremely powerful predators and one of the strongest and fastest fish in the ocean. In addition, swordfish are also one the only fish that are able to swim from one drastic depth of water to the next – very quickly and without any metabolic impact. Stating that swordfish are pure muscle is an understatement. Knowing these facts, you can imagine how challenging it can be to catch swordfish by merely night drifting. Fisherman must be prepared with high quality gear along with having the knowledge about swordfish behavior and having an understanding of how their gear works to benefit the catch successfully. We cannot emphasize enough the importance of having the right equipment for night swordfish fishing and spending the money on having top quality gear.

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